Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Toppers: Gromit Cupcake

Tuesday Toppers: Gromit Cupcake

Well luckily the heat has subsided a bit (unfortunately the humidity hasn't :P) and I can work with the fondant without it sweating too, too much. I just hope next week will be nice too because I'm going to be a busy girl, lol. My oldest daughter is turning 9 and I am going to make cupcakes for school Friday, a cake for her birthday sleepover, and a cake for the family party on Sunday. I have a feeling I'm going to be caked out before the weekend is up! Now for the Tuesday topper, I'm doing my final installment of my Wallace and Gromit cupcakes, Gromit. He's so simple to make and here is what you will need to make him:


-Fondant Smoother
-Ball tool
-Paint brush
-Light tan, brown, white, and black fondant


-Take the light tan fondant ball and roll into a fat log with one end slightly tapered.


-Using the end of the paint brush and our index finger, form the forehead and the area for the eyes.



-Using the small end of the ball tool, make two indents for the eyes.


-For the eyes and nose, make two small balls out of the white and two very tiny balls out of the black. With the rest of the black form a ball for the nose. Attach with a small amount of water.


-Using the back end of the paint brush make two holes in the top of Gromits head.


-For the ears roll the brown into a 1/4" log.


-Cut in half and taper one end. Flatten slightly with the fondant smoother.


-With a small amount of water, insert the ears into the holes.


Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. I LOVE it! Can't wait for the excuse to make the two of them!

  2. So awesome!! I'm going to attempt something like the creature comfort turtle tonight, I dont know if you've seen that one, but those animals are totally adorable!

  3. I look forward to Tuesdays!! Thanks a bunch.

  4. I so look forward to Tuesday ;) Hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday, Happy baking and hope the weather is cooler.

  5. How cute! you re so talented.

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  6. can we prepare fondant at home?
    if yes can u plz tell me
    am in India and i dont find fondants here
    can u plz help me in this regard

  7. Thank you for sharing!